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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Still undergoing back-end work 'Behind the Curtain' tasks!

Vlad and his team have been working diligently to get the machine firing on all pistons. 

Some task list duties include; sourcing for products and services to make and manufacture merch for the merch store, recruiting on-air talent for the Vlad The Rock Star Radio podcast, as well as researching the most fiscally appropriate equipment to run the YouTube channel, which will effectively mirror the podcast.

Affiliate programs are also in the works, both internally and externally.

The new YouTube studio setup is in the works, where you'll get to see exactly where Vlad makes all his music and podcasts.

A designated green screen studio will be another addition to the entertainment sanctum, in the near future.

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Saturday, May 19, 2018

New Podcast and YouTube channel in the works

There are many things in the works currently vamping up Vlad de Draculesti's fan interface, with a combination of a brand new podcast titled 'Vlad The Rock Star Radio Show' with a mirroring YouTube channel, where fans can also view the show as it was recorded.

The podcast will include musical guests, promoting them both locally and abroad, music industry people, Merch Makers(Affiliate Partners, as they're sometimes called), Street Team, and Fans-- as well as information pertaining to Vlad's latest work, endeavors, platform links, music news, and talent solicitation.

The YouTube channel will not only feature the podcast and its guests, but music videos, lyric videos, promotional videos, and more.

A Merch Store is in the works as well, and will be hosted through Facebook, on Vlad's band page.  Merch Makers are encouraged to make contact.  All merch produced with Vlad's brand on it will earn a 50% commission on each piece sold.

The store will consist of jewelry, portrait prints of Vlad, post cards, key chains, stickers, T-shirts, and CDs.  Anyone interested in contributing items to the store are encouraged to contact Vlad through his Facebook band page, all serious inquires will be given due consideration.