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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Vlad Merch Added to Website

Vlad de Draculesti-branded Merch production has been in high gear!  There's a variety of items to choose from to help support the music and its peripheral media platforms.

We have manufactured:
Two styles of 3.5" x 11" bumper stickers

Two styles of 2" x 3" stickers

Two-sided keychains

Two styles of Vlad Badges that GLOW IN THE DARK

Vlad Portrait prints offered in two sizes, originally drawn by Lauren Quinn

Vlad Figure-Portrait offered in two sizes(Larger featured), originally drawn by Lauren Quinn

Guitar Pick earrings and necklaces that GLOW IN THE DARK! 

There's much more to look forward to, so stay tuned!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Graphic Design, Sourcing, CPA Hunt

While it has only been a few days since the last posting, it's crucial that we stay on schedule; posting every Saturday, or at least, every other Saturday, to keep you informed!

The ball is still rolling!  The merchandise materials and studio equipment are on their way, in the meantime, Vlad has been working on sourcing for more materials to bring you great merch items; such as bumper stickers, stick-anywhere stickers, pin badges, lanyard badges, and possibly T-shirts.  We are still in the R&D stages, as much of the branded merch will be produced 'in-house', to keep costs down, and control the quality of the product.

All of the Vlad Merch will be sold in the "Vlad" collections part of the store, on the website(when finally launched), which will appear beside the "Sponsored Items" collection, where Vlad has teamed up with Adonis Bloom to bring you additional items to enhance your overall shopping experience.  Adonis Bloom is a supplier of pheromone based candles, oils, and lotions, among other items.  It's a great gift store for that Casanova looking to charm his lover, or the Lovely Lady who seeks to spice things up on occasion with a pheromone persuasion!

All the artwork for Vlad de Draculesti is done in-house, and has been the main focal point this week.  Once all the design templates are completed, they will be sent out to print, and returned for further processing.  We are also working diligently to locate the right Accountant for our team.  With so much work to do, a strong CPA is a must--so the hunt continues! 

All purchases made, regardless of which collection you shop from, will help with Vlad's cost to operate--after all, there are many things to consider:

  • Merchandise (enables further and better merchandise).
  • Affiliate Partners benefit from commission (Portraitist, Dread-falls maker, Crafter).
  • Ad Campaigns (extend reach further to a broader audience).
  • Tours (enable Vlad to come to a venue near you!).
  • Studio Equipment (enhanced Music Production, Podcast, and YouTube experience).
  • Press Kits for our A&R colleagues at their respective labels.

and much more!

If you're a dyed-in-the-wool fan, please feel free to explore the Patreon link either here, or on the side of this page and consider a donation!  Every little bit helps :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Logistical Issues, New Talent, and New Website

New radio talent has been recruited for the upcoming podcast; a young man named Aaron will be accompanying Vlad and giving commentary throughout the show.  Aaron was born with the gift of comedic timing, and will bring many laughs to the show!  In addition to his quick witted humor, he is also a member of the National Guard-- a real stand-up guy!

The podcast launch is experiencing more delays due to logistical issues with incoming equipment.  Vlad is working quickly to get the problems resolved--so sit tight!  The show will come, if a bit fashionably late 😜

Vlad Merch will begin production in a few weeks, when supplies arrive, possibly before the debut podcast.  So standby!

In the midst of that, we are working diligently to also launch a website for Vlad, where you'll be able to contact Vlad and his network, shop for Vlad Merchandise as well as Sponsored Merchandise, learn more about Vlad, and eventually see where he is booked to perform and tour dates!