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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Artist Bio Written, FB Page Skyrocketing!

After days of meditating on and researching what makes a good Bio, Vlad finally crafted a final product, completing the much needed Artist Biography for Spotify.  It was shortened due to character limitations, but the full version is down the left side of your screen beside this post.  It succinctly and concisely states all pertinent information about Vlad, his history, and his intentions while detailing in words his unique musical sound.

A mystery fan apparently sent an Invitation to his FB Page en masse, and the Likes have been flooding in.  No one has announced themselves, but Vlad would love to thank whomever his benefactor is.

If you do send a mass invitation to all your friends to Vlad's Page, please be sure to message him so he can thank you properly!  He'd also like to place names on a slot in his Page's cover art, giving public recognition to any who so desire it, as a token of gratitude.  We understand your desire for privacy and will refrain from putting your name in the artwork at your request.

It's just a nice little gesture. So, thank you, whoever you are <3

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

New Artwork for Ascetic Exorcism - Spotify BIO

In the process of building up the Spotify account, we ran into an interesting challenge, having to create artwork that met their strict requirements.  After some head scratching, chin rubbing, and referring to fellow Spotify Artists, an epiphany occurred.

The artwork that was created as a result, inspired the song art for Ascetic Exorcism.

Here's the Spotify art:

 Which ended up fitting better without the borders:
 Which was used for the song art:

Sunday, November 11, 2018

1,000 LIKES on Facebook Page!

Today we hit 1,000 likes on Vlad's Facebook Page

 Thank you all so much for everyone who helped make that happen! You're awesome! Tonight we're going to focus on building up the Artist Account for Vlad's Spotify profile.

As busy as we've been, and plan to be, we took some time to create some cover art for an up-and-coming podcaster named Philip Grippi,
of Dapper Fowl Productions.

He's a bright young man with a calming sonorous voice who reviews movies, new and old. Here's a sneak-peek at what we've made for him!

(PSSST! He's Vlad's little brother!)

Friday, November 9, 2018

Busy, busy, busy! Album Art, Promos, and new network links!

We've been hard at work creating new artwork, song descriptions, and as of late, an album description. Below are the images you can look forward to seeing when we begin boosting Facebook Posts, and initiating marketing campaigns across the other platforms. Since the studio is packed into boxes, ready for the move, we've been working with just the essentials. On the horizon, we'd like to create a cover video for Vlad's Facebook Page, in place of the current cover photo. Always trying to keep things interesting! Once we're situated in the new city, prepare for us to double our efforts to bring you greatness! You might say, this is the calm before the storm ;) Enjoy the new artwork!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Studio will be going 'Dark' during early Winter. New Music Player!

Vlad is in the process of relocating the YouTube and Music Recording Studio to another city. In the meantime, please enjoy the songs in the new music player! If you haven't subscribed to Vlad Station, please consider it; even innocuous actions have a tremendous impact: Please Subscribe Here!

Wix Site Fiasco!

The Vlad Store on Wix.com will be unavailable until further notice, due to changes made by Wix to covert all e-commerce sites to paid account via Wix; as opposed to allowing customers to use PayPal at checkout, as before. Updates will be posted when solutions are found.

New Album Artwork, Entering Marketing Phase

Vlad de Draculesti's: A Traveling Man Travels to... 'Sleepy Hollow' (Halloween Special)