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Thursday, December 27, 2018

New Location, Settling in, Next Phase

Hopefully everyone had a happy and safe Christmas.  Vlad took a little time off to load up and move to his new city, where he currently resides.  While settling in, he's managed to celebrate the holidays with friends and family.

As always, he never rests for long, and is actively working to push the next phase of his plans ahead.

Here's a candid picture of Vlad from just days ago:

| Settling In |

Vlad has taken a hiatus from Facebook, and has focused his energy establishing himself on other platforms, making friends he wouldn't otherwise without such a move.  Behind the scenes, he's been making a few tweaks to his studio for ease and fluidity of production.

With a plate full of responsibilities, he will be working on the next YouTube Video in the coming weeks where he will personally explain some of the changes, intentions, as well as show the new studio.

| Next Phase |

The training of new band mates has commenced, which will enable Vlad to book shows at local venues; eventually branching out to regional locations.  Each show date will be posted on this website in advance to give everyone a chance to stop by and enjoy the show.  There, you will be able to personally meet Vlad and show support by purchasing some Merch!

He looks forward to meeting as many fans and fellow musicians as possible!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

New Twitter Cover Art!


Despite how it looks, it fits perfectly on Twitter.

Brand Ideology, Bring Back the Store, Fan Support

| Brand Ideology |

This graphic is just one of many in our arsenal, but currently inspired by the need to adapt to Instagram.  Each platform has its nuances, etiquette, and idiosyncrasies that culminate a working marketing strategy. What works on one platform may not necessarily work on another; staying true to this ideology, we continuously find renewed inspiration with each new website we place ourselves on.


It's both exciting and refreshing!  The challenges associated with adapting to the parameters of each site keep us in a state of constant evolution, while conforming to the requirements of the sites and continuously expanding our reach.

Eventually, we would like to bring back the store, as the entire operation is funded strictly out-of-pocket.  Once we've sufficiently established Vlad on each of the latest platforms he's joined, we will begin building and marketing his online store, for, and to, each site with paid ad campaigns.  From there, you will be able to purchase Vlad's music and Merch.  Please bear with us.

Side Note: We had a store, until Wix no longer supported free commercial accounts, rendering the Paypal linkup useless.   A simple third-party shopping cart will be the next eCommerce solution. 

The website you're reading this from is our new website, and will provide links to the new store once created.  
(We redundantly linked it, as to dispel any confusion.)
We'll keep you updated.

| Fan Support |

We realize that not all Instagram users use Facebook, vice versa, and so forth; which is why Vlad is on no less than 17 websites.  Keeping up with so many is a full-time job in and of itself, especially with the aforementioned nuances of each.  That said, Vlad will be depending on Fan Support to keep the operation rolling.  He has a Patreon page, but won't peddle it around much until the brand is most solidified across his entire network--and until he begins booking shows(in the new city).

He doesn't expect to grow(push) his brand unless it meets the strict satisfaction of his standards, refusing to release inferior products, branding, and content; which is why, for the most part, Vlad seems rather quiet on Social Media across the board. For now, he's offering help to other artists where there is a need, while building himself, and his network.

In dealings such as these, it's nearly useless to pin down an anticipatory timeline when all will ultimately unfold.  However, it's safe to say 'soon' is a genuine possibility; in this case, 3 to 6 months, an expectation both hopeful and realistic.

Vlad is most desirous of touring regionally in 2020, therefore, many of his efforts will be made with that goal in mind. 

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Shout Out to Vlad's Friends!

 https://www.instagram.com/mara.nightmare/  https://dapperfowlproductions.com/

These are people that Vlad values, and hopes very much for their success.  So deeply does he believe in these individuals, he freely put his talents to work for them, creating these beautiful graphics.  The help they've bestowed in return has been invaluable, and the synergy of these relationships continues to grow, and expand out to others. 

Perhaps, you could be the next node in this beautiful myriad of connections! 

Email Subscription Working, Privacy, InstaGoth

| Email Subs | 

As we mentioned last night, we were testing the email subscription service to ensure the best possible experience for you, and it's working very well. 

Subscribing simply requires your email address and the click of the "Submit" button, and it's done! 

| Privacy |

We don't require your name, or personal information to keep you informed about what we're doing over here.  The only time we might ask for your personal information is if Vlad himself invites you into his Street Team, on the Vlad de Draculesti Facebook Page, in which case you'll be invited to a Secret Facebook Group for 'elite' fans to distribute stickers, or become Brand Ambassadors.

This communication method is preferred, as Vlad has verified his personal identity (on two occasions) with Facebook, and there will be a copied and timestamped conversation during correspondences on that platform, in order to protect both parties involved.

| InstaGoth |

Today we've been establishing Vlad on Instagram, with the help of our German friend Mara Nightmare, who has been gracious enough to show us the ropes of this unfamiliar platform.  We humbly ask that you visit us on Instagram and help build support by Following Vlad.


Saturday, December 8, 2018

Beta Testing Email Subscription

It would appear we've uncovered a technical issue when testing the email sub widgets of the site.  Fortunately, we believe to have discovered a viable solution.  It will be integrated seamlessly.

We're utilizing Feedburner to handle the emails, and will know in about a day's time whether it's working.

Shifting Platforms, Strengthening THIS ONE, Brand Expanse

Hello beautiful people!

If we don't get a chance to say it any sooner, have a happy and safe holiday season!

As always, there are many changes on the horizon.  Due to recent developments, Vlad is expanding his reach further, across the following platforms:


...and MySpace.

They will be added to the Nav Bar at the top of this site for your convenience. As with certain other links, you may experience some redundancy across this page to make finding what you're looking for a bit easier.  We won't bury you in a rabbit hole, at least, we'll try not to.

We've added more features to this site to make your experience a little more convenient; such as the ability to subscribe to this blog via email, so you don't have to keep checking up.  When there's an update, you'll receive an email.  When there's no updates, you receive no emails.  Simple!

Also, it has come to our attention that Vlad's audiences is reaching across the world to countries of other languages; therefore, we've added a Translation option above the Artist Bio, in the left-hand column of this site.  This is accurate as of today's day, but future readers may find that this feature has moved due to potential site evolution.  We'll do our best to leave it where it is, and to notify you if it's moved, so you're not hunting the page for it.

Additionally, should Vlad experience 'popular platform failure'(PPF), by any means whether voluntary or involuntary; we've installed a contact widget for Business and Fan Inquiries--currently located on the right-hand side of the page below the 'Seeking Talent' column.  This will help ensure your connection with Vlad, wherever it may be severed.  You can still reach out to Vlad on other platforms on this site, so long as the links are provided.  This site is intended to be your One-Stop-Shop for all things Vlad.

In the coming weeks, Vlad will be situated in his new city, and the studio should be setup for future YouTube videos and Podcasts.

Going into 2019 he plans to train a team of dedicated musicians to begin striking the local circuits, looking ahead to 2020 to take the live outfit on a regional tour encompassing the Midwestern United States.  There are talks about overnighting to California to play the Viper Room in Hollywood, but there are still many developments that should come to pass prior to that commitment.  We plan to remain actively engaged with that network in an effort to reach our Californian fans.

It's a tall order, but we work hard every day to grow closer to the goal of being closer to all of you!

Once again, have a happy and safe holiday season.  Please arrange for designated drivers to keep drunks off the roads, and slow down in the snow!  You share the road with loved ones.

Thanks everyone!