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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Brand Ideology, Bring Back the Store, Fan Support

| Brand Ideology |

This graphic is just one of many in our arsenal, but currently inspired by the need to adapt to Instagram.  Each platform has its nuances, etiquette, and idiosyncrasies that culminate a working marketing strategy. What works on one platform may not necessarily work on another; staying true to this ideology, we continuously find renewed inspiration with each new website we place ourselves on.


It's both exciting and refreshing!  The challenges associated with adapting to the parameters of each site keep us in a state of constant evolution, while conforming to the requirements of the sites and continuously expanding our reach.

Eventually, we would like to bring back the store, as the entire operation is funded strictly out-of-pocket.  Once we've sufficiently established Vlad on each of the latest platforms he's joined, we will begin building and marketing his online store, for, and to, each site with paid ad campaigns.  From there, you will be able to purchase Vlad's music and Merch.  Please bear with us.

Side Note: We had a store, until Wix no longer supported free commercial accounts, rendering the Paypal linkup useless.   A simple third-party shopping cart will be the next eCommerce solution. 

The website you're reading this from is our new website, and will provide links to the new store once created.  
(We redundantly linked it, as to dispel any confusion.)
We'll keep you updated.

| Fan Support |

We realize that not all Instagram users use Facebook, vice versa, and so forth; which is why Vlad is on no less than 17 websites.  Keeping up with so many is a full-time job in and of itself, especially with the aforementioned nuances of each.  That said, Vlad will be depending on Fan Support to keep the operation rolling.  He has a Patreon page, but won't peddle it around much until the brand is most solidified across his entire network--and until he begins booking shows(in the new city).

He doesn't expect to grow(push) his brand unless it meets the strict satisfaction of his standards, refusing to release inferior products, branding, and content; which is why, for the most part, Vlad seems rather quiet on Social Media across the board. For now, he's offering help to other artists where there is a need, while building himself, and his network.

In dealings such as these, it's nearly useless to pin down an anticipatory timeline when all will ultimately unfold.  However, it's safe to say 'soon' is a genuine possibility; in this case, 3 to 6 months, an expectation both hopeful and realistic.

Vlad is most desirous of touring regionally in 2020, therefore, many of his efforts will be made with that goal in mind. 

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