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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Email Subscription Working, Privacy, InstaGoth

| Email Subs | 

As we mentioned last night, we were testing the email subscription service to ensure the best possible experience for you, and it's working very well. 

Subscribing simply requires your email address and the click of the "Submit" button, and it's done! 

| Privacy |

We don't require your name, or personal information to keep you informed about what we're doing over here.  The only time we might ask for your personal information is if Vlad himself invites you into his Street Team, on the Vlad de Draculesti Facebook Page, in which case you'll be invited to a Secret Facebook Group for 'elite' fans to distribute stickers, or become Brand Ambassadors.

This communication method is preferred, as Vlad has verified his personal identity (on two occasions) with Facebook, and there will be a copied and timestamped conversation during correspondences on that platform, in order to protect both parties involved.

| InstaGoth |

Today we've been establishing Vlad on Instagram, with the help of our German friend Mara Nightmare, who has been gracious enough to show us the ropes of this unfamiliar platform.  We humbly ask that you visit us on Instagram and help build support by Following Vlad.


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