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Thursday, December 27, 2018

New Location, Settling in, Next Phase

Hopefully everyone had a happy and safe Christmas.  Vlad took a little time off to load up and move to his new city, where he currently resides.  While settling in, he's managed to celebrate the holidays with friends and family.

As always, he never rests for long, and is actively working to push the next phase of his plans ahead.

Here's a candid picture of Vlad from just days ago:

| Settling In |

Vlad has taken a hiatus from Facebook, and has focused his energy establishing himself on other platforms, making friends he wouldn't otherwise without such a move.  Behind the scenes, he's been making a few tweaks to his studio for ease and fluidity of production.

With a plate full of responsibilities, he will be working on the next YouTube Video in the coming weeks where he will personally explain some of the changes, intentions, as well as show the new studio.

| Next Phase |

The training of new band mates has commenced, which will enable Vlad to book shows at local venues; eventually branching out to regional locations.  Each show date will be posted on this website in advance to give everyone a chance to stop by and enjoy the show.  There, you will be able to personally meet Vlad and show support by purchasing some Merch!

He looks forward to meeting as many fans and fellow musicians as possible!

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