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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Shifting Platforms, Strengthening THIS ONE, Brand Expanse

Hello beautiful people!

If we don't get a chance to say it any sooner, have a happy and safe holiday season!

As always, there are many changes on the horizon.  Due to recent developments, Vlad is expanding his reach further, across the following platforms:


...and MySpace.

They will be added to the Nav Bar at the top of this site for your convenience. As with certain other links, you may experience some redundancy across this page to make finding what you're looking for a bit easier.  We won't bury you in a rabbit hole, at least, we'll try not to.

We've added more features to this site to make your experience a little more convenient; such as the ability to subscribe to this blog via email, so you don't have to keep checking up.  When there's an update, you'll receive an email.  When there's no updates, you receive no emails.  Simple!

Also, it has come to our attention that Vlad's audiences is reaching across the world to countries of other languages; therefore, we've added a Translation option above the Artist Bio, in the left-hand column of this site.  This is accurate as of today's day, but future readers may find that this feature has moved due to potential site evolution.  We'll do our best to leave it where it is, and to notify you if it's moved, so you're not hunting the page for it.

Additionally, should Vlad experience 'popular platform failure'(PPF), by any means whether voluntary or involuntary; we've installed a contact widget for Business and Fan Inquiries--currently located on the right-hand side of the page below the 'Seeking Talent' column.  This will help ensure your connection with Vlad, wherever it may be severed.  You can still reach out to Vlad on other platforms on this site, so long as the links are provided.  This site is intended to be your One-Stop-Shop for all things Vlad.

In the coming weeks, Vlad will be situated in his new city, and the studio should be setup for future YouTube videos and Podcasts.

Going into 2019 he plans to train a team of dedicated musicians to begin striking the local circuits, looking ahead to 2020 to take the live outfit on a regional tour encompassing the Midwestern United States.  There are talks about overnighting to California to play the Viper Room in Hollywood, but there are still many developments that should come to pass prior to that commitment.  We plan to remain actively engaged with that network in an effort to reach our Californian fans.

It's a tall order, but we work hard every day to grow closer to the goal of being closer to all of you!

Once again, have a happy and safe holiday season.  Please arrange for designated drivers to keep drunks off the roads, and slow down in the snow!  You share the road with loved ones.

Thanks everyone!

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